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By Jennifer Bair

Looking to create a sustainable coaching practice? Want to create an organized and easy-to-administrate marketing plan? Want to attract your ideal client audience-engage them with valuable and actionable content? And then enroll them at your top rates? 

Looking for an update to your current marketing strategies? Want to learn the latest insider secrets and tips for utilizing online social media and tech? 

Then True Abundance Marketing Journey Course is for you.

This ultimate guide contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices of content marketing design. Think of this course as your key to creating a full practice and a web-savvy marketing skillset.

This dual DIY and personal mentoring intensive has been designed with stop-n-complete exercises, templates and slide decks that have only been compiled exclusively for my top clients- and now I have made all my pro-tips, insider marketing advice, and materials available at a very special price. 

But it will only last for a short time at this price- 

So, grab it now!  


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JumpStart Intensive 


True Abundance Marketing Journey contains everything you could want to know about packaging your services, creating an online presence, and

a successful content marketing plan from design to implementation.




 Get Intimate with your message Service/Product Ideation 

Every coach needs a unique service package or product to present- you will create and monetize your transformational offering then you will know where you stand in the marketplace through perceptual mapping and then develop your positioning statement. It's all about developing your message-your brand. Learn how to create the most effective copy for your message: design a tagline, headline and about statement. 


Clear The Path- Go From Overwhelm to Clarity- REpattern and speak your worth

One of the hardest things to overcome is yourown negative self-talk. This module is all about a proven process of utilizing mindset shifts to get you to that intentional, focused-growth mindset. You will practice the 4 step Dream Into Action visualizations as you gain insider knowledge and role-playing experience through my minute-by-minute enrollemnt conversation mindmap. Then you will develop your Story Bio for media-brand building. All these practices will elevate you into success mode-essential mindfulness for 6 figure coaches.

mobile devices



Designing your marketing for mobile is essential in our world today. Learn how to tackle making your content and call-to-action mobile-friendly.

*Don't forget to give the best service you can to your clients- go beyond and drive them toward better and higher service/product options- And when you're ready, scale up- automate and delegate these tasks to your team. 


 Hone Your Vision & Magnetize Your Ideal Client

This is where you find Niche Clarity: Developing your client persona profile/Empathy Mapping. Look at who is influencering them and who is competition/complementary in your field-Create a custom influencer grid and discover where the opportunities are for your message to emerge from the crowd. This will give you the grounding for developing your content that engages and enrolls.

Pen and paper

Prepare For The Journey using marketing metrics and strategic media and budgeting planning 

Using my proven strategic marketing plan template you will create your custom plan- prepare your outreach programs-learn how to interpret the data ; cost per lead, cost per sale and open rates to gain control over your budget and achieve your business goals. What is a content strategy without users? Study up on digital strategies and learn how to measure success with analytics.


Ride The Light - Bring it all into the marketplace- Execute the plan 

Learn how to implement this marketing system-create campaign flow charts for task/timeframe. Orepare your self with a comprehensive facebook tutorial, devleop your keywords and our sales funnel checklist- These things keep it moving forward in engagement and consistency- Frequency and Consistency are key to the success of any marketing plan. And a 6 figure coaching business. You will receive tools, recommendations for making thoughtful desicions around your SEO- keeping your name/serive/product top-of-mind, rlevant and thius influence others within your field. 

Don't forget to give the best service you can to your clients- go beyond and drivethem toward better and higher service/product options- And when you're ready, scale up- automate and delegate these tasks to your team. sand What will you do when things go wrong? How will you keep your website current? Find out by reading about website upkeep.

What Are Others Saying..  

“ Jenn Bair's design and marketing acumen are far superior to other "experts" we have hired in the past. She is fast, bright, intuitive, and a virtual creative force field! Her expert course at Sex Coach University is a hit with our community. Her webinars have changed the paradigm on how to do marketing for a successful branded business. You'd be lucky to have Jenn on your team!" 

Dr. Patti Britton, Co-Founder of Sex Coach University (, )

"Your presentation and energy rises to the top of all the marketing coaches, online trainers etc. that I have been working with for several months now. You are a Rock Star Marketing Goddess!"

Deborah T. San Francisco, CA - Visual Artist, & Bodyworker

A True Intensive Course 

For All Skill Levels

Whether you are an established online business leader, non-profit exec, or just received your credentials as a certified coach and new to the business world, this course will be your best resource and mentor for achieving the success you you desire.I only use Best Practices and give you the top-notch service, consistant with your skilllevel. This c ourse will benefit you and dramatically transform your coaching business into a modern, effective, engaging service for your ideal client audience and your standing as an expert in your field.



A Course Based On Facts and Proven Practices

This course was developed through my experience as a professional marketer, my formal education in Business, Sociology, Education and as a General Assembly, Graduate of the Digital Marketing Program in 2015.

 The work in this course is not just opinion or ideas, it is a compilation of expert processes, proven analysis and from those in the marketing industry who have studied the ins and outs of content marketing, storytelling for business, strategic planning, behavioral science and online education, design, development, digital strategy, analytics, and more.

That's me after a ride on my Honda Rebel...I love motorcycles

A Word From The Author, Founder of The Business Of Abundance, Open Road Now, best-selling Author, BMI recording Artist:Singer/Songwriter

“I love marketing. I love thinking of digital strategies, I love creating and sharing my ideas and knowledge. I love teaching my clients how to succeed and measure their business's performance. I want to share my love and passion with the world. That’s what this intensive is all about. This course will teach digital marketing best practices to any skillset.” 



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Why put off taking your coaching business to the next level? You can buy True Abundance Marketing Journey right now- while it's available for this incredible special price- like half off the regular price! The course comes with a 100% guarantee of your satisfaction. If you take in everything I ave to offer, prove to me that you've done all the work, and, after 90 days, you still have not enrolled one new client or sold one product at reasonable rates and offers,

I'll refund you the price you paid-that's satisfaction guaranteed.

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($150 Value) FREE with Course Registration

8 essential steps toward your 6 figure coaching buiness- detailed guidelines and resources for creating your perfect enrollment funnel and emailing markeitng paln for long-term nurture of your growing list of eager, qualified client prospects.

Your 6 Figure Business Awaits-grab this now!

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